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DMA Organ Literature 2012                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
DMA Organ Literature 2013

Performance Practices

Alain, Notes on the French Manner
Alain, Table of Ornaments
Alain, The Ornamentation
Dirst, Tradition, Authenticity, and a Bach Chorale Prelude
Faulkner, JS Bach's Keyboard Technique|
Friedrich, The Trost Organ in Altenburg
Fuller, Rhythmic Alteration -IfAny- In Bach's Organ Music
Hubler, Rhythm, Words, and Music in French Classic Organ Music
Hughes, Dances in the Organ Masses of Francois Couperin
Peterson and Williams, Bach's Organ Chorales from the Neumeister Collection
Peterson, The Uncollected Organ Chorales of JS Bach
Stinson, An Introduction to Werckmeister's Orgelprobe
Stipp, Performance Practice to Mozart's Fantasia In F minor
Zehnder, Organ Articulation in the 17th and 18th Centuries

19th-Century Topics

Armstrong, Alexandre Guilmant's American Tours and American Organs
Cesar Franck Articles (compiled)
Little, Organ Pedagogy and the Romantic Spirit of the Nineteenth-Century
Sisson, Charles Tournemire
Smith, Cesar Franck's Metronome Marks From Paris to Brooklyn
Smith, Review of Cavaille-Coll Stoplists
Soderland, Organ Playing from Bach to Mendelssohn
Spelle, The Organ of Transition in France (1785-1835)
van Eck, Cesar Franck's Metronome Markings Reconsidered

20th-Century Topics

Falcinelli, Jean Guillou's Organ Concertos
Ford, Jeanne Demessieux
Jean, An Interview with Robert Glasgow
Marcel Dupre1886-1971 (compiled)


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