Spring 2013

Durufle Complete Organ Works
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University Park United Methodist Church 4/23/2013  (photos courtesy of Gary Gordon)

A special thanks to Dr. Damin Spritzer, Jody Lindh, and University Park United Methodist Church for hosting our program!
Dr. Jesse Eschbach provides introductions


Front Row (L-R): Sojung Park, YanSun Yu
Back Row (L-R): Christopher Rios, Hentus van Rooyen, Andrew Lloyd
 Andrew Lloyd


Sojung Park and YangSun Yu


Hentus van Rooyen


Christopher Rios


YangsSun Yu, Sohjung Park, and Andrew Lloyd


Sojung Park, Hentus van Rooyen, and YangSun Yu



Durufle Complete Organ Works

Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Houston, Texas 4/16/2013
(program at the bottom of this page)


(L-R): Andrew Lloyd, YangSun Yu, Hentus van Rooyen, Christopher Rios, Sojung Park, Dr. Jesse Eschbach
A special thank to Dr. Crista Miller and the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart for their warm welcome and for hosting our program!




Fall 2012

Masterclass, Dr. Jack Mitchener

(photos courtesy of Gary Gordon)




Beau Baldwin


Alex Gilson


Joy Hague


Daniel Flores (at the console)


Christopher Rios


Hentus van Rooyen


YangSun Yu


Louie Kim


Christopher Dougherty


Front Row (L-R): Beau Baldwin, Gary gordon, John Smith, Louie Kim, Andrew Lloyd, Christopher Dougherty, Joy Hague, Dr. Jesse Eschbach
Back Row (L-R): Alex gilson, Dr. Jack Mitchener, Daniel Flores, YangSun Yu, Christopher Rios, Hentus van Rooyen